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Search for a recognised road safety auditor to participate in a road safety audit for a road/traffic project.

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To be eligible for road safety auditor accreditation and be listed on this Register, specific criteria must be met.

This Register of Road Safety Auditors was established in 2002 for use in New South Wales.

It recognises a practitioner’s skills and experience in road safety auditing and promotes their professional development in road safety auditing. It also offers access to a listing of the recognised road safety auditors, their accreditation level and accreditation expiry date

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Benefits for auditors

to join this Register

  • Demonstrating their experience and capability to perform road safety audits.
  • Indicating professional development status.
  • Providing them with recognition by Transport for New South Wales and its agencies.
  • Elevating the status of road safety auditors on projects.

Benefits for businesses

to use this Register

  • Indicating a road safety auditor's experience, capability and accreditation level.
  • Validating the status of a road safety auditor's accreditation.
  • Enabling them to locate road safety auditors based on geographical region.
  • Providing a reference tool on road safety auditing for Transport for New South Wales and its agencies.
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